Not to be a Karen, but who do we need to speak to to have chapped lips banned from this earth forever? They hurt, they make our favorite lip products apply all patchy, and we feel so self-conscious about them whenever we're kissing someone—especially someone new. And anyone else get serious wine stains when their lips are dry? Ugh. Worst of all, if you're not sure how to fight the flakes, they can feel like they stick around forever.

Thankfully, we’ve got answers. We created an easy daily regimen that’ll whip your lips into shape in just five days or less. Now all that'll be left to figure out is who to make out with. ;)

CLOVE AND HALLOW Soft, Kissable Lips


  1. Apply a lip scrub, like our Lip Polish, on damp lips. Its sugar sloughs away dead skin cells so hydrating ingredients like glycerin and castor oil can penetrate more easily. Rub over your lips for 15 to 30 seconds, then wipe the product away.

  2. Time for one of our favorite TikTok hacks: Dampen lips again, then, dab on a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer.

  3. Slather a thick layer of a lip treatment, like our Lip Mask, over the moisturizer. The occlusive ingredients—including castor oil and sweet almond oil—will nourish and lock in the hydrating ingredients in the moisturizer you applied in Step 2.

  4. Reapply Lip Mask every few hours, or whenever it has worn away. Before you go to bed, apply an extra thick layer as a deep treatment.

  5. Repeat the full regimen every day for five days.

  6. While your lips are healing, avoid matte lip color and formulas that dry down in favor of moisturizing formulas like Lip Glaze and Lip Crème.

CLOVE AND HALLOW Lip Polish and Lip Mask