• Kate Foster


Say hello to Line + Define, our much-requested liquid eyeliner. It's like no other liner in clean beauty. Its dark, intense pigments are loaded into a safe, minimalist formula that's crazy intuitive to apply, thanks to a precision applicator. It never smudges, skips, or bleeds. And it's all wrapped up in sustainable, post-consumer recycled packaging.

Now that you know all the deets, it's time for the fun stuff: makeup looks. Which one will you try first?


  1. After applying a shimmery, neutral eyeshadow, it's time for eyeliner: Using short strokes, apply our black shade of Line + Define, Onyx, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

  2. At the outer corner, wing the liner up at about a 45-degree angle.

  3. Draw another line from the inner corner to the tip of the wing.

  4. Fill in the shape and coat lashes in FlexLash Mascara.


  1. Sweep on a shimmery, neutral eyeshadow. Draw a thin line on your top lashline using Onyx, our black Line + Define shade.

  2. At the outer corner, extend the line outward and upward to create a thin cat eye.

  3. Just above the line, draw a second line parallel to the first.

  4. At the halfway point of the first line, in the center of your lid, start a third line that meets the tip of the second line.

  5. Fill in the triangle shape you've created, and pack on a few coats of FlexLash Mascara.


  1. Buff a metallic golden eyeshadow shade all over eyelids.

  2. Use our brown shade of Line + Define, Mocha, to draw a line just above the crease of your lid, mirroring the creases's shape and winging outward and upward at the outer corner.

  3. Create a second line just above the first, connecting the two lines at the inner corner and outer corner. The shape you create should start thin at the inner corner and get thicker toward the outer corner.

  4. Fill in the shape and sweep on FlexLash Mascara.

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