• Kate Foster


Forget stocking up on candy—planning a costume is undoubtedly the trickiest part of Halloween. You want to be relevant, but not too relevant. (Remember a few years back, when literally everyone went as Eleven from Stranger Things?) Scary but not too scary. (You don't want small children running for the hills when they see you, after all.) And if you have a demanding job or kids to dress up, you definitely want a costume that takes just a few minutes to conjure up, but looks like it took way longer.

We're here to help! We created three quick, budge-proof costumes using only two shades of our Lip Velvet (Fiesta and Jetsetter), which feature precision wands to make creating lines and details a breeze. Best of all, the makeup makes such a statement, you can wear a simple black outfit and call it a day. Now, how creepy are you trying to get?

From left to right: CLOVE + HALLOW's Education & Artistry Manger, Kesha; Wholesale Manager, Colleen; and Media & Communications Manager, Kate


  1. Outline the outer corners of your lips with Jetsetter and blur with your pinky finger. This gives lips a little extra dimension.

  2. Fill in your whole mouth with Fiesta.

  3. Still using Fiesta, paint a few streaks and blobs of "blood" down your chin.


  1. Paint a circle on the top of your nose and fill in with Jetsetter. Add two small, vertical lines at the top of the circle to make the shape look like a skull's nose.

  2. Draw five or six vertical lines down your lips, starting from the center and working your way outward.

  3. Add horizontal lines extending from each side of your mouth, then add a few more vertical "stitches" through the horizontal lines.


  1. Apply Fiesta like normal, then extend the lip color outward from both sides of your top and bottom lips to create a clown-like mouth. Fill in the shape with more Fiesta.

  2. While your lip color dries, use Fiesta to create circular swirls on the apples of your cheeks.

  3. Now for the marionette-like mouth: Just use Jetsetter to draw vertical lines from the corners of your mouth to your jawline.

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