Updated: Jan 9, 2020

We're proud to be a force for environmental change in the beauty industry—whether our customers find CLOVE + HALLOW while searching for cleaner, more earth-friendly beauty options, or just love our colors and pigmentation...and consider their sustainability perks a bonus.*

But did you know that when you toss something in the bin, it's not guaranteed to get recycled? (Case in point: In 2017, National Geographic reported that only nine percent of plastic waste is ultimately recycled.) In order to better your products' odds of being made into something shiny and new, you've got to clean and toss them correctly. Here's exactly how to do so with two of our hero products.


  1. Pull the powder pan out of the magnetic compact.

  2. Remove the label on the bottom of the pan.

  3. Use a butter knife or other dull tool to scrape any powder remnants into the trash.

  4. Clean the empty pan with warm soap and water and let dry.

  5. Recycle the empty pan and re-order a new one! Remember to keep your reusable compact to pop the new pan into when it arrives.


  1. Twist up your tube of lipstick.

  2. Remove the inner aluminum tube and discard the outer white tube.

  3. Use a butter knife or other dull object to slice off any remaining lipstick into the trash.

  4. Use soap and water to cleanse away any remaining lipstick. (Use an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean any nooks and crannies.) Let dry.

  5. Recycle the inner aluminum tube.

*A note on our sustainability efforts: We are in the process of making more of our packaging fully recyclable and/or biodegradable. Stay tuned for updates!