• Kate Foster


Ever do a mid-day mirror check, only to discover your makeup has transformed into that dreaded heavy, cakey look? Here's exactly how to reverse it in four quick, easy steps—because cake is for birthdays, not for your face!

1. Often, a cakey texture is exacerbated by excess oil. Before you do anything else, pat away sebum with oil-blotting papers. (In a pinch, a toilet paper square pulled apart to maximum thinness will do the trick.)

2. Spritz your complexion with a facial mist or dot on a water-based serum. Extra points for one with illuminating properties, like our Hydraglow serum.

3. Blend the mist or serum into the cakey makeup with a sponge or brush until your makeup looks smooth and even.

4. Rather than attempt to pile on foundation again—which could result in more cakiness—just spot-conceal where you need extra coverage using Conceal + Correct.

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