There's nothing we love more than when our friends teach us new ways to use our products! So, we were extra psyched when one of our favorite collaborators, Sarah James (@whoorl), posted about her favorite way to apply her face makeup using our Precision Buffer and Perfecting Buffer brushes—and it kind of exploded. Her trick gives coverage where you need it most while providing a smooth, radiant finish everywhere else. And best of all, it takes 45 seconds or less.

Check out her method here:

CLOVE AND HALLOW Precision Buffer Brush

Ready to DIY? Here's a recap:

  1. Dab your Precision Buffer brush into concealer. (Sarah is using Rituel de Fille's, but Conceal + Correct would be ideal for this too.)

  2. Sweep under your eyes and across the bridge of your nose.

  3. Apply concealer to any additional areas with redness or imperfections.

  4. Use the Perfecting Buffer brush to drag some of the concealer pigment from under your eyes onto the rest of your face.