We all have our makeup routines that we're sure we’ll never stray away from. But what if your everyday routine is secretly full of little mistakes that are majorly throwing off your look? We’re here to help! As a pro makeup artist-founded brand, we know the common slip-ups that may be throwing a wrench in your regimen... and the tiny tweaks that'll change everything.

Woman applying lipstick


Dry skin is makeup’s worst enemy. Applying it directly to skin can cause flakes to appear, which makes it difficult to blend the product into the skin. Before applying any makeup, make sure your face is freshly cleansed and moisturized. (Our favorite way to prep the complexion is with H2Glow, then The Everything Oil.) For an even smoother canvas, make sure to exfoliate weekly.


We love Conceal + Correct as much as the next person, but like any concealer, it's important to be wary of using too much. Avoid applying concealer to your entire face. Instead, tackle the areas that need coverage, such as blemishes and dark spots, with a light layer and build up as needed to avoid accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. And opt for a lightweight concealer that still offers good coverage for a more natural and luminous finish.

CLOVE AND HALLOW Conceal and Correct


Blush is supposed to add a youthful, rosy vibe to our faces. If you apply blush wrong—too low or too high, for example—you risk aging yourself. Without smiling, swirl color onto the apples of your cheeks, then back along your cheekbones. This technique creates a glow that doesn’t look clownish. For advice on blush placement for specific face shapes, check out this Allure article featuring CLOVE + HALLOW.


Cue flashbacks to middle school! This is a makeup mistake everyone has made at some point. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation will automatically give away that you are wearing makeup because your face won’t match the rest of your skin. When choosing a foundation, like Liquid Skin Tint or Pressed Mineral Foundation, make sure to shade-match by testing on your face rather than your arm for the most accurate results. It doesn’t hurt to buy two colors that seem close to your skin tone, and either choose the shade that looks best in natural daylight or keep both to mix-and-match as your skin tone fluctuates throughout the seasons.


Lastly, let's talk about brows. Filling in your eyebrows too heavily is perhaps the most common makeup blunder of all. For blondes, filling in your eyebrows with a shade that matches your hair color or even one shade darker looks best. If you have darker hair, be wary of going darker on your brows to avoid brows that look harsh. For the most realistic result, we recommend you apply your brow product with feathery upward strokes, concentrating on sparse or uneven areas, rather than uniformly filling in the entire brow. Lastly, lightly comb through your eyebrows with a brow brush to soften the lines.