It's weird to think of our lives before emojis. How did we accurately communicate our shock without 😱? Or our excitement to party without 💃? Take a look at your most-used emojis and you'll probably even learn something new about how you see the world. And as we'll show you here, some emojis perfectly articulate what's so special about your favorite beauty products. Here, we've rounded up some of CLOVE + HALLOW's most popular products—and their corresponding emoji soulmates.


CLOVE AND HALLOW Conceal and Correct


Y'all loooove Conceal + Correct. And for good reason! It's pretty much a clean swap for some of the most legendary concealer formulas ever made. Use the wand to dab the lightweight, argan oil and vitamin E-infused formula under your eyes, around your nostrils, on your chin, between your brows, and on any imperfections—then blend. Like a lightbulb, it'll instantly brighten your entire face. No caking or creasing, ever.

CLOVE AND HALLOW Liquid Skin Tint Foundation


See that little yellow chick ^ completely feelin' herself right there? That's you when you wear Liquid Skin Tint. It's flawless but real-looking skin, bottled, thanks to its breathable, buildable medium coverage and demi-matte (but totally customizable) finish. It features natural clays to keep oil at bay and promote crazy long-lasting wear, plus glycerin to draw moisture into your complexion.

CLOVE AND HALLOW Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick


If Lip Velvet isn't a unicorn of the beauty world, then we don't know what is. I mean, it completely defies logic. After it dries, it won't budge no matter how many drinks you sip or people you kiss, but it also never feels flaky or uncomfortable (kudos to shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E). It comes in some of the most natural shades (hey, Darling!), and the most daring (what's up, Jetsetter?). It's clean and made with fewer than 15 ingredient, but performs like the most chemical-laden liquid lippies out there. How is this product real?!

CLOVE AND HALLOW Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Palette


Was this one too easy? That's okay, we'll take the bait. The six warm, sunrise-inspired tones in our Pressed Pigment Palette make it pretty much the only palette you could ever need, which is why we especially love it for traveling. All six shades (four shimmers and two mattes) are universally flattering and multi-purpose. Try the pink hue as blush; the white and gold tones as highlighter, the brown shade as brow powder... you get the idea. The more you play with it, the more fun ideas you'll come up with.

Balancing Oil


Look into our crystal ball, and we'll tell you about your future. Your skin's future, at least. Incorporate Balancing Oil into your routine once or twice daily and you'll see major changes: balanced oil production, less redness and inflammation, deep nourishment, and a serious glow. Believe it or not, our facial oil does it all with only four ingredients, including rosehip oil, black cumin seed oil, argan oil, and squalane. It's kind of magical, to say the least.

CLOVE AND HALLOW Glow and Go Collagen Boosting Luminous Body Oil


Nothing could represent our Glow + Go Body Oil better than a bootylicious peach. Lupinus albus seed extract kicks your body's own collagen production into high gear (A.K.A. a firmer, more lifted tush!) while argan and jojoba oils nourish and soften. Meanwhile, subtle shimmer particles impart a gorgeous, universally flattering radiance.