• Kate Foster


Welcome to our blog series, Clove Confessional. Call it our Southern charm: we don’t just want to make clean, pro-performance cosmetics in a vacuum. We want your help developing products from phase one. After all, you’ll be the ones using them to the last drop! Use this as an open forum to discuss what you love, what you’re not so into, and what you wish you could see more of. Just comment below.

CLOVE AND HALLOW Facial Mist Spray

You know how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the Greek family uses Windex for literally everything? That's kind of how we feel about facial mists. Use 'em to prep your complexion for skincare. Try one to set your makeup. Spritz a little on to refresh your look. Feeling hot? Throw a bottle in the fridge and mist it on to cool off.

We want to hear everything you love—and hate—about facial mists.

A few questions to get you going:

How fine should the mist be? How should it feel?

Do you like your mist to have a scent?

Do you prefer your mist to mattify or give your skin a glow... or neither?

What are your favorite mists of all time?

Leave us a comment below!