• Sarah


Welcome to our new blog series, Clove Confessional. Call it our Southern charm: we don’t just want to make clean, pro-performance cosmetics in a vacuum. We want your help developing products from phase one. After all, you’ll be the ones using them to the last drop! Use this as an open forum to discuss what you love, what you’re not so into, and what you wish you could see more of. Just comment below.

Mascara: it's beauty's great divider. Some people want volume, others want length. Some like serious separation, others are into a bit of clumping. Some beg for a formula that washes off easily. Others only care that it never. Ever. Budges.


So, what about you? If you could wave a magic wand—pun intended—and have your ideal tube of mascara in hand, what would it do? Lengthen? Volumize? Separate? Clump (just a little)? What does the wand look like? Do flaky formulas get on your last nerve? Is transfer on your lids a deal-breaker? Do you wish there was a more layer-able formula out there?

Spill all about your fringe favorites here!