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Every month, we're spotlighting a Badass Beauty Expert (B.A.B.E.) and picking their brain on all things beauty, wellness, and channeling your inner baddie. We hope these interviews will serve as a platform for raw and vulnerable discussion—and inspire you to step out of your makeup and skincare comfort zones.

Alina is an Emotional Intelligence Educator and Content Creator.

Alina Lepak for CLOVE AND HALLOW


Define yourself in three words.

Intelligent. Sensitive. Passionate.

What are three things you can't live without? (Beauty products can be included, but they don't have to be!)

  1. My phone (I use it in every aspect of my life; for work, content creation, tracking goals, keeping connected, planning my days, making notes, etc.)

  2. Daily walks in nature 

  3. Lip balm

What prompted you to make the switch to safe makeup brands? After watching a documentary called Toxic Beauty, I was introduced to the harsh reality of what was being placed in our makeup and skincare products: ingredients like parabens and phthalates, that are deemed "safe" in small doses but can end up becoming our silent killers 10 years down the line. The negative effects range from cancers to fertility problems. This documentary really provoked me to question, are the products that I use daily safe? When I checked my skincare and makeup products I was stunned to find that 50 percent of what I owned had one or more of these questionable ingredients. As a result, I started my research process and made the bold choice to kickstart my transition. 

What are your safe makeup and skincare favorites? Jojoba oil, beeswax lip balm, coffee/sugar scrub.

What advice would you give for finding safe cosmetics? Start by examining the products you use most frequently and make efforts to switch them first. Before purchasing a product make sure to check out the ingredients from credible sources like EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to learn more about how it impacts your body and general health.

What do you think makes someone a badass? A badass, in my eyes, is someone who takes responsibility over their own life. It’s someone who has the courage to look into their own past and takes measures to heal from things that they weren’t responsible for. It’s someone who takes active measures to create an impact with their gifts and talents. It’s someone who’s not fearless but courageous; meaning that they feel afraid but take the next step anyway.

How did you find your inner badass? I found my inner badass by learning these five hard truths:

  1. We are responsible for our emotional wellbeing. This includes how we respond to ourselves (critically or kindly) and how well we implement boundaries.

  2. You will outgrow people and that’s okay! Your values will change, your goals will change, and people will change! Not everyone is meant for the long haul.

  3. If people criticize or judge you it says more about where they’re at emotionally than what it means about you.

  4. Triggers reveal what you need to heal. Confronting and gaining awareness of what triggers us allows us to experience emotional freedom.

  5. You cannot change anyone unless they want to change.

What's the last song you listened to?

Real Love Baby by Father John Misty.

Quick! You have five minutes to get ready to go out. What do you do with your makeup?

  1. Apply concealer to under-eyes and imperfections 

  2. Apply loose powder foundation (medium coverage)

  3. Contour with bronzer 

  4. Apply brown eyeliner

  5. Apply coral lip gloss

Just like that, I’m OUT the door!