Updated: Jun 25

90s Makeup Tutorial Made Easy

Okay, so, you loved our 70s-themed makeup tutorial. And we get it! Who's not obsessed with the era of free love, the best-ever rock 'n roll, and a groovy aesthetic? But as a makeup brand with several 80s and 90s babies on staff, you could say we're pretty psyched another decade is having a moment: the 90s. So grab your glitter, pump up the Mariah, and keep reading for a step-by-step that's seriously *~aLL tHaT~* here is our 90s makeup tutorial that will leave you looking gorgeous!

90s Makeup Tutorial in 6 Steps:

Our 90s makeup tutorial can be achieved using 6 simple steps below and every day makeup in our drawers. We kept things super easy and mimicked that favorite Rachel from Friends vibe to achieve an effortless look that is perfectly wearable today.

  1. Did you even live through the 90s if your brows didn't take a serious beating? Don't worry, no plucking necessary here: Just use a few layers of Conceal + Correct to camouflage the lower half or third of your brow hairs.

  2. Use a fluffy eye brush, like the Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eyeshadow Brush, to blend a dark brown shadow shade into your outer creases (like the one in the Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette).

  3. Use Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx to create a winged liner look on your top lash line, then draw a line on you bottom lashes as well.

  4. Grab a dark, budge-proof lip product—like Lip Velvet—and dip an angled brush into it. Outline your lips and let dry.

  5. Fill in your lips with a pink lip gloss, like Lip Glaze in Spicy.

  6. Pull your hair back into a knot, leaving out a few face-framing pieces. Throw on some JLo-esque shades and stun.

90s Makeup Tutorial
The final look for the 90s makeup tutorial!