• Kate Foster


Have you heard the news? After two and a half years of rigorous formulation, we finally landed on a clean mascara we were satisfied with (more like thrilled about!)... and FlexLash was born.

In addition to its lightweight feel, precise wand, and safety for sensitive eyes, one of our favorite things about FlexLash is how easily it adapts to different lash looks. So whether you're a swipe-and-go kind of person or prefer to load up several layers, FlexLash has you covered.


If subtle, everyday volume and length is what you're after, one to two coats of FlexLash will do the trick. Just start the wand at the base of your top and bottom lashes and pull through to the tips.


For a little extra va-va-voom: After your first few coats, let the formula dry for a minute or two. Then concentrate another one to two coats just on your outer top and bottom fringe. Let the lash-batting begin!


Into serious drama? FlexLash can also help you achieve a chunky, separated look. Holding the wand vertically, use a windshield wiper motion to apply several coats. You can also use the tip of the wand to help adhere a few groups of lashes to each other.