• Kate Foster


Romance, power, money... What does the coming year have in store for you? And—almost as important—what should your glam be like for what's ahead? We've got all the answers. Just find your sign below.



Did 2020 feel like all work and no play, Cap? Great news: In 2021, you'll finally reap the rewards, whether it's a promotion, steadier income, or industry award. You may work just as many long hours, but these accolades will re-energize you in the year to come. A classic, blue-toned red lipstick, like Lip Velvet in Roulette, will make you feel empowered to take on the world... and won't budge during those late nights.



Been interested in a new hobby, career path, or lifestyle? We're not surprised! Aquarius, this is your year of reinvention. Listen to your gut when it tells you to pursue that unexpected relationship or new class—your stars show any pivot you make will be successful. Take Line + Define Liquid Eyeliner along for the ride, too. It's the perfect representation of rewriting the roadmap of your life.



We didn't think it was possible, Pisces, but this year will have you feeling dreamier and more imaginative than ever. This state of mind will help carry you through some difficult rifts with family and friends, but at the end of it all, you'll realize how much you've healed. Don't forget to grab a new palette, like our Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette, to help you channel your exceptional creativity.


(MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)

Let's get real: You're always chock-full of absolutely crazy ideas. This year, though, they're just off-the-wall enough, and you'll come up with genius solutions at work, in your hobbies, and in your relationships. You'll need a lip product that's just as innovative: Our Lip Glazes combine the moisture of a balm, the high-shine of a gloss, and the long-lasting color of a stain... with absolutely no stickiness.


(APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

Woah—can we have your autograph? In 2021, you'll be catapulted to super-stardom in your field, so long as you're on your A-game when it comes to your work ethic and you bring an experimental attitude. A killer new complexion set, like our Complexion Starter Bundle, will have you looking as polished as you feel.


(MAY 21 - JUNE 20)

Being home so much in 2020 wasn't ideal for your adventurous spirit, Gemini—and you're feeling extra drawn to the outdoors. Find new trails to hike and mountains to climb nearby until we're all free again later in 2021. Then it's time to jet-set. (Which reminds us: you need our Lip Velvet in Jetsetter, which is as bold and daring as you.)


(JUNE 21 - JULY 22)

Damn, Cancer, we're jealous. There's a perfect word to describe your 2021: Sexy. If you're single, you'll make deeper connections than usual that'll really spice things up, if you know what we're saying. In a relationship? You're about to see a new, ultra-exciting side of your partner. Did we mention our Glow + Go Body Oil doubles as a super sensual massage oil? Do with that information what you will. ;)


(JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)

You're about to meet someone who's going to seriously change your life. It could be a romantic prospect, for sure, but it could also be a lifelong friend or a business partner you'll create something truly innovative with. Just like you and this new connection will be a perfect pair, so is our H2Glow Serum and The Everything Oil. Glowing skin and a new bestie... what could be better?



God knows we all had enough chaos in 2020. Thankfully, your 2021 will be especially peaceful, Virgo. You're leaning into your routine and feeling more stable than ever. Finish getting ready every day with Lock + Rock Makeup Mist, and your makeup will be just as reliably gorgeous all day long.



All Libras are little kids at heart. But your playful and adventurous spirit doesn't mean you can't be sophisticated, too! This year you'll find yourself drawn to more grown-up activities and start creating a legacy for yourself rather than living only in the moment. A polished lip color that's still unique—like our light berry Lip Crème, Sugared Plum—will be the perfect vibe for your year.



This year will be seriously action-packed! Thought about moving? Now's the time. Want to become closer than ever with your friends and family? It'll feel completely intuitive this year. Ready to forgive people who have hurt you? You've got this. Beauty-wise, all you'll need to feel put-together through the change will be a lightweight mascara like FlexLash.



We've got one word for you, Sag: Delegate, delegate, delegate! You'll be crazy-swamped this year and—spoiler alert—even you can't do it all. Slowly lean into trusting your coworkers, spouse, and friends to shoulder the burdens. Meanwhile, a sweet pink lippie, like Lip Crème in Ballerina Slippers, will be a constant reminder to be kinder to yourself.

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